Jobs LinX3 Compact

The very high-performance vertical milling machine LinX Compact is the first model in the LinX family and is definitely one of the most innovative products presented on the market in recent years. LinX Compact has gained a top-spot position thanks to its advanced technological content – based on the use of linear motors on middle-large size machines.
LinX Compact features:
• operating volume starting from 4 m³ (141 ft³)
• top machining speeds (up to 70 m/min – 2756 in/min)
• combined accelerations over 1,1 g
• increased modular dynamics for machining sculptured and aerodynamic surfaces with 3 and 5 continuous axes
• maximum reliability
• maximum level of volumetric accuracy (and adjustable)
• high positioning accuracy
• silent functioning
• simplified maintenance
• available in various dimension configurations

The outstanding performance combined with a complete range of equipments and accessories allow LinX milling machines to fulfil complex applications.

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